About me

Jolanda Tielens-Aarts

Light is not matter – it allows us to observe and experience matter. Light not only allows us to see, it also intensifies our feelings. I am fascinated by how light affects people, often without them knowing; it defines how we experience a space, and influences how we feel and act. The right lighting plan enables me to harness this quality of light and make it work for you.

These are my ‘specifications’

  • graduated from Peeland College high school, Deurne in 1984
  • Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, first-year qualification 1985
  • Faculty of Industrial Design, TU Delft, graduated cum laude in 1990
  • Product manager, Philips Consumer Electronics, 1991-1993
  • Lighting designer, Philips Lighting, 1993-2006
  • Licht Aan, 2006-present