Van Heinde Versmarkt

Paleiskwartier Den Bosch

Project: Link the restaurant with the supermarket, that was the challenge. This small supermarket sells fresh, fair, regional produce in a setting with lots of daylight that enters from the north. There are no shadows, and the light is fairly cool and quite diffuse. Perfect for showcasing fresh produce!

But when it comes to relaxing in your free time, relatively warm light is more pleasant. Sun, in other words – preferably in combination with some shadow. This we created using artificial light. In the restaurant section customers feel like they are sitting outside under a leaf canopy, surrounded by trees with the sun shining through them. Surely the place we all dream of finding, without even knowing it. Warm sunlight makes the things around you plastic and tangible, but above all: cheery!

The cool of the supermarket and the warmth of the outdoor restaurant area are the perfect two-in-one at Heinde Versmarkt.

Client: Van Heinde Versmarkt

Project supervisor: Jezz, Wormerveer

Interior design: Sandenburg Concept Creation, Amsterdam

Engineering: Den Doorn, Nieuwendijk

Installed: 2015

Photography: Marcel Willems