Groningen tourist information office

Grote Markt 29, 9712 HS Groningen

Project: Until it moves into its new premises in the Forum, Groningen tourist office has found a temporary home in a modern information pavilion on Grote Markt, which also houses the information centre on the city’s big construction projects. Two very different purposes that nevertheless go together very well, and each has its own atmosphere.

The tourist office presents its range of products, including regional produce from the surrounding countryside, in a warm, high-contrast shop atmosphere. The information centre has a robust, businesslike look as a backdrop to its presentation of Groningen’s ambitious plans for the future. The information points are lit with slightly cooler light. No blanket lighting, therefore. Localised lighting ensures a certain element of drama, just like the future plans of which the city is rightly proud.

Architect: Bureau Noordeloos

Interior Architect: Sandenburg, Amsterdam

Installed: 2011

Photography: Sandenburg