Glow Effe-naar the Puppet show

location: Effenaar. 9 t/m 16 November 2013

facebook: Licht Aan

Project: The arched windows in this old facade are covered with linen. As being the original facade of a linen factory this is very applicable. From the street side it appears the cloths are illuminated by white light, but at the back of the wall the white light is obviously made up of red, green and blue. Once someone steps into the glare of the lights, his shadow falls into colored spots. So on the pristine white cloth you can paint with light..

The crowd on the street is witnessing a shadow play reminiscent of a puppet show because of the arched decor. Here, a stone's throw away from the Effenaar and in a place that also on other occasions serves as an outdoor stage, the spontaneous performances particularly are in place.

Jolanda Tielens is fascinated by the way light affects our experience of space and conducts our behavior. In creating a lighting plan she is playing with this. Sometimes she chooses unobtrusive lighting, and sometimes, as here, the light plays the absolute leading role.

Client: Stichting Glow

Engineering: Pronorm Helmond

Photography: Marije Zuidweg

Film: Anita Maassen