Night of the White Screen


The Night is Silver … 25 years of passion for cinema

Project: A free visit to the cinema for everyone. The 25th Night of the Silver Screen in Deurne in 2016 opened with a dynamic light artwork – an alternative to a firework display, with colourful light confetti flying through the air.

On a pitch black market square, an audience dressed in white crowded in for the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Night of the Silver Screen. The crowds enjoyed the anniversary storyteller who was accompanied by spectacular lighting effects. The film projected onto the number ‘25’ covered with thousands of small mirrors exploded over the onlookers, whose white outfits ensured maximum impact. As a grand finale, the numbers started to rotate. The fairytale film party got going, and continued ‘happily ever after’ all through the night.

Client: Stichting Nacht van het Witte Doek

Realisation: in collaboration with volunteers

installed: 2016

Photography: Hein van Bakel

Film: Frans Vogels