Christus Koning Church

Kapelstraat Zuid 20
5503 CW Meerveldhoven

Project: Services are provided daily in the Christus Koning Church. However, the average age of churchgoers is increasing. As a result, some attend the service on-line, while others still go to church. This change places demands on the lighting. Visitors want a light level where texts can be read easily. For home viewers, the bright, direct light from the chandeliers is dimmed to reduce the "flare" of their TV screen.

With pre-sets, the lighting can be adapted to the different celebrations and activities that take place in the church. Color and pastel shades can also be used to make the atmosphere extra festive or modest.

The sights in the church are also given special attention in this lighting plan. Some statues of saints are on the monument list; they are subtly lit with LED spots. These eye-catchers guide you through the church to the right aisle. It still dates from an older church (1888) and contains an oak tree with the statue Maria ter Eik, which is still visited by many.

The large church in Meerveldhoven was built in 1953 as St. Lambertus Church. In 2015 it was given its current name: Christus Koningkerk.

Client: Installer Mansveld, Eindhoven

Realization: 2020

Photography: Marije Zuidweg