Town Hall Deurne

Markt 1
5751 BE Deurne

Project: The town hall of Deurne on the market(1895) is tangible proof of the 'million dollar paradise' of yesteryear. At that time, Deurne and Liessel became rich through peat and leasing of the Peel through the Municipal Peat Company. Nowadays the market of Deurne is the place where it happens. Focal point of parties such as Carnival, King's Day and Halloween. At weekends pleasantly busy with full terraces, restaurants and cafes.

The LED lighting of the town hall enhances the atmosphere of that specific moment: festive, pleasant or exuberant. The lighting can even synchronize color with the light spots of the stage on the market. The more festive the evening, the warmer the color. And when it's time to go home? Then the light on the facade turns to a cooler color.

On a 'normal' evening, the color temperature is warm and the red stone of the facade glows. The beautiful municipal coat of arms connects the citizens of Deurne. It deserves attention and can therefore be lit slightly brighter.

The other buildings around the square have been taken into account in the lighting design. Because these are mainly concealed behind a double row of lime trees, the prominent facade of the town hall can be illuminated subtly, evenly and naturally. As if it comes from the street lanterns.

In this way, everything on and around the market comes into its own.

Installer: Mansveld, Eindhoven

Realization: 2017

Photography: Marije Zuidweg