Landal Coldenhove Brasserie

Boshoffweg 6, 6961 LD Eerbeek

Project: Landal Coldenhove holiday park is in the woods, literally surrounded by nature. This wonderful, carefree spot also has a Brasserie where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or perhaps an ice cream after swimming. The restaurant has plenty to offer, including cookery workshops. Pleasure is therefore very much in the spotlight here – literally. The restaurant has so many different areas for so many different activities, each with its own look and feel, that there is always something to do. Atmospheric lighting solutions, such as combinations using daylight, dusk or indirect light, constantly give guests the feeling they are in a new place. Variety is the spice of life!

Interior Architect: Enbiun, Amsterdam

Engineering: H.v.d. Kamp bv, Lieren

Installed: 2016

Photography: Enbiun