Pathé Tilburg

Pieter Vreedeplein 174, 5038 BW Tilburg

Project: Light outside, dark inside. Cinema has been enchanting us for more than a hundred years now. A children’s matinee or an evening screening with friends: everyone is familiar with the pleasant sensation and excitement of an outing to the cinema. The route through the building heightens the experience: buying a ticket, some popcorn, waiting for the moment the doors open and the lights are dimmed...

Successful lighting gets the audience in the right mood as they move from the real world to that of the silver screen. Each moment on the way to the perfect cinema experience has its own lighting atmosphere, yet the entire light experience continually reminds you that you are at Pathé.

Architect: Naço Architectures

Project supervisor: Haak Consult BV

Engineer: L. Wijnen Elektro BV

Installed: 2012

Photography: Marije Zuidweg