Pathé Zwolle

Pannekoekendijk 11, 8011 BJ Zwolle

It’s light outside, dark inside. For over a hundred years, cinema has been a magical experience. Whether it’s the children’s matinee or an evening out with a friend, everyone loves the pleasant adventure that is going to the movies. The route through the cinema increases that pleasure: the ticket office, the popcorn vendor, waiting for the moment when the doors open and the lights dim…

If your transition from the real world to the world of the silver screen helps get you in the right mood, the lighting is a success. Each point on the way to the perfect cinema experience has its own lighting mood, but never lets you forget you are at a Pathé cinema. Even the lighting is all about Pathé!

Interior architect: Naço Architectures

Project supervisor: vb&t Projectmanagement bv

Engineering: Mansveld, Eindhoven

Installed: 2016

Photography: Egbert de Boer