Villa Fifty-Fifty: Living in a garden


Project: No greater compliment than a recurring customer! A few years ago I was allowed to provide a loft with a club-like atmosphere. Now I have the opportunity to make a plan for a house where inside and outside are completely intertwined. The atmosphere "inside" must, as it were, breathe "outside"; transparency ensures maximum connection.

No curtains and still privacy? The sophisticated placement of orientation and accent lighting and the lighting of the garden directs the focus of passers-by to other points. In the meantime, residents enjoy their "outdoor enclosure" and its surroundings in the "shade" discreetly.

Client: Private

Architect: Studioninedots, Amsterdam

Contractor: Construction company Buytels b.v., Eindhoven

Installer: Verheggen Elektrotechniek, Wintelre

Realization: 2020

Photography: Marije Zuidweg