Villa 1910


Project: The housing requirements of the early last century cannot be compared with those of today. To adapt this beautiful villa to today's housing needs, an underground extension has been chosen. This does justice to the classic above-ground architecture, while a modern style can be used underground. The result is a harmonious whole.

Ingenious daylight openings ensure that you can stay pleasantly in the underground spaces during the day. Artificial light enhances the comfortable underground ambience both during the day and in the evening. The new spaces have been designed in such a way that they can "grow" over time with the activities and interests of the residents. The lighting is therefore also flexible in design.

In the original above-ground villa, a lighting plan with contemporary fixtures was chosen. They create a light atmosphere that matches the old villa.

Because the garden lighting was also part of the assignment, the coordination between light inside and outside is optimal. This has created a harmonious image.

Client: Private

Architect: Iden2012, Eindhoven

Landscape architect: Renders Riethoven V.O.F.

Realization: 2019

Photography: Marije Zuidweg