Front garden at Japanese water garden

Project: Connects the front garden with the back garden with light by means of lighting. That was the assignment. The backyard subtly runs over a yew hedge, via the Japanese Nut (Ginkgo Biloba) to the front garden.

What is tasteful and beautiful follows strict standards according to Japanese aesthetics.

The combination of architecture and nature plays an important role in the front yard. The garage is covered with charred Shou Sugi Ban wood; a traditional Japanese technique. Black is called black for a reason and is therefore not illuminated. This gives the uniform brightness of the window openings and the sunken garage doors extra emphasis. The ensemble forms a beautiful, clean background for the natural, loose and contrasting lighted garden.

Cortensteel portals reach all over the full width of the garden. They provide structure and cohesion. In the evening, the subtly hidden lighting in the portals illuminates the vegetation and the paths in a natural way. Just like during the day, the rhythm of the illuminated vertical surfaces also provides structure to the garden in the evening. This front garden has a very inviting and open character, which suits the residents of this house very well.

Client: Private

Garden Architect: Van Mierlo Tuinen, Deurne

Execution: Totaaltuin Leende

Installer: Willem Bos, Someren

Light control: De Opera Domotica

Realization: 2019

Photography: Noël van Mierlo

Voor het idee, de site van de tuinontwerper